The Benefits Of Volunteering With A2Z

Our Volunteers

Aim For A 2 Z Inc.’s first volunteers came from  all ages and backgrounds. Our current mentors are high school and college students. Our supervisors are professionals, business people, social workers, homemakers, retired teachers and professors. The only requirements we have are that our volunteers are caring, interested, willing and committed to their students. By giving their time each week, our volunteers help prepare kids for in school and in society.

The main purpose of the A2Z Mentoring Program is to raise literacy levels and improve study skills in math, science, and english. A2Z believes that every student is entitled to receive the necessary help that will enable that individual student to build adequate academic and social skills to succeed in life.

What you’ll do in A2Z

    • Make a difference in someone else’s life
    • Gain a world of valuable experience
    • Serve as a mentor, role model, and teacher
    • Give back to the community and contribute to the future
    • Feel empowered to be an active citizen
    • Increase your ability to handle more responsibility
    • Make new friends
    • Develop problem-solving abilities
    • Learn new skills
    • Gain leadership experience
    • Work with a diverse group of students
    • Receive community service hours
    • Have fun!