Volunteer Registration

How to Register

You can volunteer with A2Z during any of the sessions listed in this flyer.

Please contact Mira Desai at a2z@a2zmentoring.org or a2z.program@gmail.com about signing up for a session.

New and returning volunteers must fill out this application and submit it on the first day of their training or mentoring sessions.

Why You Should Help

Getting involved with this organization is wonderful way to interact with a diverse group of students in a learning environment. This program provides many leadership opportunities as well as the self satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have truly helped a child. Along with that satisfaction comes a sense of pride, confidence, and an amazing feeling of accomplishment. It is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do not only for yourself, but also for the students that you will meet.

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What A2Z Will Do For You

” I volunteer with several different organizations, but A2Z Mentoring is the program that has made the most positive difference in my life. Volunteering at A2Z allows me to combine my two passions, helping others and working with kids. The children I tutor have trouble in school and rely on me to help them with tough concepts in reading, writing, and math. It’s an important responsibility to assume, but knowing how much influence I have in their lives always motivates me. I am also driven by the continuing progress of my students, as they begin to grasp concepts that were frustrating and confusing only a few weeks before. There’s no better feeling than to see a child receive an A or a B in a class they had previously been failing; it’s one of the best rewards as a volunteer because I know that I have been doing my job. Through A2Z, I have been given the chance to help other members of my community, and I have used this opportunity to help others less fortunate than me. My experiences with the program have influenced me and will continue to effect me for a long time to come, and I am positive that the children I work with will cherish the knowledge and confidence that they have gained. With all the benefits for both the tutors and students, it’s easy to see why any other volunteering organization would pale in comparison with A2Z Mentoring.”