Our Impact


What We Are

“Aim for A 2 Z” is a mentoring/tutoring 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, operating in Mercer County for the past eight years. The program is supported by a group of caring, professional and competent volunteers. The A2Z mentoring program commenced mentoring and tutoring elementary and middle school students scholastically, in year 2004 in the East Windsor/Hightstown areas, started in the Ewing in January 2007 and started in Lawrenceville in 2010. Today A2Z provides mentoring/tutoring to students from GRADES 1 through 12 in the areas of Math, Science, Reading and written English at Hightstown/East Windsor Twp, Ewing Twp and Lawrenceville Twp

A2Z has had a significant and positive impact on the lives of children. An important aspect of the program is the emphasis on improving life skills, improving study skills, enhancing self-esteem and introducing the pleasures of life long learning in students.


The People We Help

Many of A2Z’s students come from single-parent, low-income, immigrant or refugee families with a history of welfare dependence. Many of them lack family and community support, opportunities, and resources for consistent and organized study and learning. Some students come from non-English speaking families or their parents work long hours and have little time left over to aid in their children’s school work. Many of these children are discounted or discouraged due to their socio-economic status, race, class, gender, ethnicity or geographic location. These children enter school already behind their peers in reading and math readiness, and fail to catch up.

The A2Z Mentoring Program not only helps these disadvantaged students from grades one through twelve, but also enables high school and college students mentors, community adults mentors to develop a community spirit and a giving mind-set, and gain leadership experience. It provides an opportunity for the mentors to work with a diverse group of students from low-income families in a learning environment.



How We Help

A2Z provides underprivileged children with instruction and guidance from high school, college, and even adult volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to help foster academic excellence. Every week children from 1st to 12th grade come to A2Z for help in reading, writing, math, and science. We follow state curriculums to carefully tailor each child’s tutoring to their personal areas of need as well as what they are currently learning in school. By doing this, we not only enhance each student’s spelling, writing, math, and reading abilities, but also allow each student to develop vital study skills, life skills, and communication skills.

A2Z aims to provide one-on-one tutoring/mentoring services to students by giving one and one-half hours per week of mentoring time. Our mentors stress academic achievement in the core areas of math, reading and writing, but it is not just a second class room. A2Z goes beyond tutoring by providing these students with a mentor relationship. Students who participate in the program gain the skills and self confidence necessary for success. We support new ideas about how to engage children and youth in learning and new ways to bring together community-based systems that promote learning.

Our caring and professional volunteers have had a significant impact on the lives of the children in the program. Their impact, however, is not only limited to developing vital abilities and life skills. A2Z also provides young children with a strong student-mentor relationship. Each volunteer involved in this program is fully committed to being a positive role model for his or her students. Working together, A2Z’s students and volunteers create a strong and stable bond while developing a long-lasting love for learning.

Mentors involved in the A2Z Mentoring Program are self motivated, self confident, and oriented community members who offer their time and expertise to help students gain confidence and self-esteem, and work for a better education for the youth. A2Z’s mentors expose youth to new ideas and opportunities, creating better citizens and future leaders.


Why You Should Help

Getting involved with this organization is wonderful way to interact with a diverse group of students in a learning environment. This program provides many leadership opportunities as well as the self satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have truly helped a child. Along with that satisfaction comes a sense of pride, confidence, and an amazing feeling of accomplishment. It is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do not only for yourself, but also for the students that you will meet. Check GET INVOLVED for more information!.