Mission Statement

To raise the literacy level and subject skills of students from low income, minority and disadvantaged families by providing a mentoring and tutoring program, enabling the pursuit of higher education and quality of life.

Our Values:

  1. We believe that given the right opportunity, every child has the ability to success.
  2. We believe in our volunteers and value their commitment and interest to the benefit of those whom we mentor/tutor.
  3. We believe this process will create community and society leaders from among our mentors as well as students
  4. We believe that innovation strategies (such as group projects, field trips, etc.) enhance both formal and informal learning.
  5. We believe that the spirit of our students, parents and volunteers values integrity of purpose and action. This positive attitude increases respect of each others interests, strengths and cultures.
  6. We believe that our dedication through the voluntary mentoring program will continue build bridges and positively impact lives in our multicultural society.

Goals and Objectives

Our main goal is to provide low income, minority and disadvantaged students access to a free mentoring and tutoring program in a well supervised learning environment; to raise literacy levels of children and adults from new immigrants, low income and minority groups in our surrounding communities, by providing them with free language assistance, teaching them to read, write, and speak English and improve their subject skills. The long-term goal of our program is to impact more lives by going beyond our immediate borders.

  1. Provide responsible mentoring and tutoring to children from grades 1 – 8 in English and Math as well as adults requiring assistance in raising their reading, speaking, writing and comprehension skills in the English language through a team of competent student and volunteer mentors and supervisors.
  2. Increase the skills of our mentors and supervisors by maintaining a strict training schedule, offering various courses that will help them deal with their mentoring problems efficiently, with the best of outcomes.
  3. To grow beyond our immediate borders by maintaining a rigorous campaign of recruiting new volunteers, both high school students and caring adults from the community thereby ensuring that every child or adult who needs our help to improve themselves academically, will get an opportunity to do so.